September 22, 2022Boston Brewery Team

Our Beers and the Hands that Craft Them: Oh My Darlin'

Here at the Samuel Adams Boston Brewery, we don’t just brew beer. We tell stories through the beer that we brew. Each carefully crafted beer begins as a small idea and grows into something monumental. Sometimes it starts with the brewers’ saying, “Why Not?” Other times its to intentionally celebrate the welcoming of a daughter into the world. The stories are endless, and we plan to tell all of them.

About Oh My Darlin'

This brew is an Extra Special Bitter, known for being a smooth-drinking, copper-colored, and sweet finishing beer. It isn’t easy to find this English style in the States but it’s a favorite of brewer Wade. This brew was crafted to welcome his daughter, Clementine, into the world. It is meant to be something that family and friends could sip and savor while celebrating.

wade with clementine

When did the idea for Oh My Darlin’ come to mind?

When my wife and I found out we were pregnant I wanted to make a recipe for a beer that my family and friends could enjoy while celebrating my daughter’s grand entrance into the world. I have wanted to make an Extra Special Bitter for a long time now, was just waiting for the right occasion to put in the work.

MicrosoftTeams-image-(10)How did you decide on the name of the brew?

While my wife and I were thinking of a name for our soon to be daughter, we wanted it to be rare but not crazy. We also wanted her entire name to be in the dictionary (like her dad). After a lot of debating, we landed on Clementine Wild. So, the name of the beer is from the song Oh my Darling, Clementine (come to find out is a very sad song).

What’s your favorite part of the beer?

Favorite part of the beer must be the style. ESB is a very underrated beer here in the United States. It is very common in Europe and the most produced style in England. I think it gets a bad rap from its name all though being very malt forward and sweet it is called an Extra Special Bitter. I put a lot of time and effort into making this a true English pub beer.

Oh My Darlin' is now available on draft and in 4-packs at our Boston Brewery!

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