March 24, 2023Boston Brewery Team


Kosmic Crafted Returns 

Kosmic Crafted, our out-of-this world fruited gose series, returns in April! Powered by our house sour, Kosmic Mother Funk, this series will touchdown here in Jamaica Plain with a few fan favorites and some new varieties.  

Kosmic Mother Funk, or KMF, is a Belgian-style ale fermented with Brettanomyces, Lactobacillus, and other wild bacteria. KMF aged in Hungarian oak foeders that once held brandy in Italy and were reassembled in our Barrel Room by Portuguese coopers.  

We inoculated these barrels with propriety wild yeast cultures to mimic spontaneous fermentation. Spontaneous fermentation is a process traditional to Belgium, where brewers use open-air fermenters called cool ships to capture the local microorganisms that create tart and funky flavors. 

Kosmic Mother Funk lives up to its Belgian counterparts. It’s tart, funky, and complex with notes of dark fruits, cherry, cocoa and vanilla. Its tartness can’t be understated, making most drinkers pucker. This is why we created the Kosmic Crafted series, tapering some of the intensity of the sour by blending it into these fruited goses. 


Komsic Crafted Series 

These out-of-this-world fruit goses are exclusively available at our Boston Brewery in Jamaica Plain on draft and in cans, releasing throughout the months of April and May. 


And we have liftoff! In Blackberry Raspberry Gose, a ring of berries is followed by a blast of celestial sour from KMF before a smooth and easy touchdown. This Taproom favorite is the original Kosmic Crafted beer to enter our atmosphere. 4.6% ABV, available early April 




Raspberry Lemon Gose is light and fruity from the raspberry and lemon puree, with a tart, clean finish. KMF provides a slightly puckering finish that’s balanced by the refreshing notes of fruit. Like a shooting star, this sessionable style has brightness and zing. 4.6% ABV, available mid-April 




Infused with KMF, Key Lime Strawberry Hibiscus Gose is a zippy beer bursting with fresh fruit flavors. Together these fruits and flower launch us to a beloved pairing. The sweetness of the strawberry and the tartness of the lime orbit each other to create a balanced, irresistible beer. 4.6% ABV, available in May 




And finally, Passionfruit Gose is a vibrant beer that, like the fruit itself, exhibits both sweet and tart notes and teems with tropical aromas. Kick off sunshine season with a juicy passionfruit gose. 4.6% ABV, available in May 



Collect them all! Kosmic Crafted goses will be available in 4-pk cans at the Boston Brewery this spring. 

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