September 10, 2023Boston Brewery Team


Beer Garden Altbier:

Nestled on the banks of the Rhine River in Germany is the historic town of Dusseldorf.  You may not know much about this city, but we bet you know even less about its indigenous brew – the Altbier. 


This beer is a cold-conditioned ale with strong bitterness tempered by rich malty sweetness.  Cleaner and smoother than your run of the mill ale, which can be attributed to its cold conditioning process.

Though Germany is typically famous for their lagers, brewers in Dusseldorf and other northern German cities are known for preserving the tradition of brewing ales.  Altbier’s name is an allusion to this tradition, with “alt” translating to “old” in German.


We’re keeping the tradition of the Altbier alive here at Sam Adams with our own delicious version of the historic brew, proving that the phrase “out with the old” isn’t always true!

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