October 27, 2023Boston Brewery Team


With Love: Lamplighter x Sam Adams Collaboration Beer 


For the third year in a row, we’ve teamed up with Lamplighter Brewing Company to bring our drinkers two beers in support of a cause near to our hearts. This year we’ve chosen to highlight the immigrant communities that make up our home state in partnership with MIRA. MIRA is the largest coalition in New England working to advance the rights of immigrants and refugees in the Commonwealth. 


Our hope with this beer is to represent the melting pot of our community and brew a beer, that like a homecooked meal or a handwritten postcard, was crafted with love. MIRA helped us identify the top countries of origin for immigrant populations in Massachusetts, which were China, the Dominican Republic, Brazil, India, and Haiti. Our teams used this list to brainstorm ingredients from each of these communities. We all quickly agreed that the fruits and spices we brainstormed lend themselves to a specific style: kettle sour. 


Utilizing Andrew Dornenburg and Karen A Page’s The Flavor Bible, a book that helps guide creative flavor combinations, we identified which fruits and spices could play well together and complete our beers. From there, we developed our two unique beers, both named With Love. 


The Beer 

The Sam Adams version is a kettle sour with tamarind, cardamom, and a touch of Szechuan peppercorn. The Lamplighter version is a sweet and spicy sour with mango, white peppercorn, Szechuan peppercorn, and sea salt. Most importantly, both are made With Love. 


Join us at Lamplighter's Broadway taproom on November 4 and the Sam Adams Boston Brewery on November 5 for an evening of flavor exploration and community celebration. The Nada Cart is taking over the Lamplighter kitchen, bringing their delicious homemade empanadas and gourmet twist on Latin American’s most popular finger food. The Sam Adams Brewery will feature small bites from Comfort Kitchen, whose food is a celebration of the ingredients and flavors of the African diaspora connected from Asian to the Americas, and live music in the Taproom! The perfect pairing for a cold beer! 


Sam Adams and Lamplighter will both be donating funds to MIRA in support of the essential work they do. Learn more about MIRA at https://miracoalition.org/ 


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