March 11, 2021Boston Brewery Team

The Future is FemAle

In honor of the strong female brewers of Samuel Adams, we’ve brewed The Future is FemAle.

As part of the Pink Boots Society initiative, this beer is our way of celebrating International Women’s Day. The Pink Boots Society is built around the mission of helping women in beer advance their careers through education and the network coordinates a special brew every year. Breweries all around the country take part in this collaboration brew day. This is our fourth year participating in the project.

For the inspiration for this release, we didn’t need to look any further than our own brewhouse. Each woman illustrated on this can is an integral part our brewing team. These women keep the beer flowing every day.

Kelley is one of our R&D Brewers and relied heavily on the Pink Boots Society as she was starting her career, as there were no other female brewers local to her. The women she connected with through the Pink Boots online forum “were immediately and completely kind, supportive, and knowledgeable.” Today, she works with as many female brewers as male brewers and says, “It is truly amazing to work with so many intelligent, motivated, and collaborative women and men.”


Hannah started at the Boston Brewery as a co-op in our nano brewery and is now on of our R&D Brewers. “As a woman in STEM, I felt compelled to go into pharma research, but I didn’t find myself loving the industry. Brewing was a good blend of science/technical knowledge and creativity with a fun atmosphere.” Hannah had a female mentor in Megan Parisi right off the bat and has seen more women join over time.


Heather, our QA Lab Technician, was drawn to the brewing industry because of her interest in both large-scale biological production and hard scientific lab work. She credits a big part of finding her place in the industry to her manager, Jackie. “Aside from constantly benefiting from her prolific quality/brewing/fermentation/safety knowledge and experience, having a female manager in a male dominated workplace has very tangible benefits.” And Heather wants to see more change in the industry going forward. “In the future, I’m looking forward to our team pulling from a more diverse talent pool and expanding the realm of R&D work that would inevitably come from a Truly Diverse group.”


Christina, Manager of R&D Brewing, found her way into beer through food. “I absolutely love cooking and I have always been fascinated with how things are made. That turned into a serious obsession with fermentation that led to a Master’s degree on the subject.” Looking at the industry as a whole and thinking about the future, Christina notes, “as we progress, the brewing industry will start to reflect the communities they are a part of. We live in a beautifully diverse world, shouldn’t our industry reflect that?”


Jackie, our Quality Manager, was a chemistry major looking for a lab job out of college when she landed her job here at the Boston Brewery. “I quickly realized how much science goes into brewing a beer and have been hooked every since.” In the time she’s been here, she’s seen the landscape change. “Over the years, the number of women in all facets of the brewing industry has grown exponentially and I am proud to see how many women-owned and -operated breweries have opened.”


Now, about the beer they brewed!

The Future is FemAle is a Belgian-style saison. Brewed with a base of pilsner, wheat and malted rye, this beer has a pronounced haze and hint of spice character. Grapefruit zest and clementine-infused orange peel add a bright citrus aroma, while the Pink Boots Society hop blend – Cashmere, Ahtanum, Citra, Loral and Sabro – adds a nuanced tropical, herbal and citrus character.

As Kelley describes, “I am proud of not only the recipe and collaboration with our amazing group of women brewers, but also of the actual work it took to brew this beer—crushing the pink peppercorns with a mallet and zesting 48 grapefruits! I hope you all think it is as delicious as I do.”

This exclusive beer will be available in 4-packs at both the Boston Brewery and Taproom.

*Sam Adams will donate $1.00 for every draft, and $2.50 for every 4-pack of The Future is FemAle sold to the Pink Boots Society between the months March and April.**

**Donations are from Samuel Adams to the Pink Boots Society. For more information on the Pink Boots Society, please visit The Pink Boots website. Maximum donation is $5,000. Offer valid only at the Samuel Adams Brewery & Boston Taprooms from March 8 – April 30, 2021.” 

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