November 12, 2021Boston Brewery Team

Interview with Muralist Silvia Lopez Chavez

Tell us about yourself!

I am a Dominican-American visual artist based in Boston, MA. I moved from the DR to continue my art studies at the Massachusetts College of Art & Design, then art opportunities and falling in love have kept me in this city ever since!

My work finds itself at the intersection of art, design, and community. Through the murals I create, I intend to celebrate, educate and inspire connection, sometimes as it relates to social or environmental issues I care about, people, and places I love; always bringing a culture-conscious sensibility to all I do. As a seasoned muralist and collaborator, I envision and execute murals within the public and private sectors. My creative process is fueled by understanding the context of a site, really taking the time to research and learn about the space, the community, and the wall itself (what is it made of? how does light affect it? etc.). My aesthetic is bold, colorful, and it usually incorporates layered graphic elements juxtaposed with rendered focal points which at times can be figurative.

My work has received recognition through awards, and residencies, including New England Foundation for the Arts’ Public Art Leadership Award, Massachusetts Cultural Council, Google, Vermont Studio Center, and Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. My work is the collection of Twitter, Mass General Hospital, MIT, Harvard, and Northeastern Universities.

When not painting walls, I continue my studio practice in East Boston, where I really enjoy spending time by the ocean.

What made you want to paint this mural for the Brewery?

Earlier this year, I was approached by Boston Beer to create artwork for the Wicked Easy perfect pint glass. It was a very fun experience working with the creative team. When Mairead contacted me in the Spring with the idea of working on a mural at the JP Sam Adams Beer Garden it was a natural YES! :)


As a creative, what do you feel is your biggest challenge? What are your strengths?

Being a full-time artist a lot of times means the lines between personal and work are blurred and intertwine all of the time. I consider this to be a blessing and a challenge, due to the fluid nature of the creative process, which can be self-absorbed, abstract, collaborative at times, and certainly non-linear. Finding time for family, friends, or social interactions can be challenging when working on multiple projects at once. I find the need to balance focus/quiet time to create and the time I spend with others, as it relates to work or social life.

I consider the ability to feel deeply to be one of my biggest strengths. It helps me connect in a more meaningful way to the world, others, and myself. It allows better access to the understanding of my inner and outer worlds.

What do you love about Boston/JP?

I lived in JP during my first year of college and then for about four years shortly after graduation. Some of my most fond memories are times spent with friends at Jamaica Pond, and walks to JP Licks in summer afternoons. I have some of my favorite craving spots near Centre Street at Alex Chimi's, the Oriental de Cuba, Tres Gatos, and some sweet treats from Gondres Bakery. I love the diverse groups of people living and working in JP, the awesome community of artists, and the beautiful tree-covered streets around most areas of the neighborhood.

What’s your favorite beer?

To be perfectly honest, I am actually not a huge beer drinker (!!) I know... but I really like the Wicked Hazy IPA.

If you could interview any painter, dead or alive who would it be?

Ohhhh... that's a hard question to answer! So many painters I would love to interview for various reasons, but here are a few!

Amy Sherald, Judy Pfaff, Wilfredo Lam, Jacob Hashimoto, Joseph Albers, Yayoi Kusama, and even though may not be painters, some of the very talented women of Gee's Bend, Alabama.


Photo credit: Dominic Chavez

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