June 06, 2023Boston Brewery Team


The Sam Adams Boston Brewery is more than just the home of the best craft beer in America – it’s the home of experiences. Every day we’re giving our guests a deeper appreciation for their favorite beer through a variety of fun and memorable guided experiences.

You can find Sam Adams all across America today, but the Boston Brewery is where it all started. After brewing Boston Lager in his kitchen here in Boston, our founder Jim Koch moved into the abandoned Haffenreffer Brewery with a mission: start a beer revolution through brewing craft beer. The Boston Brewery remains the heart and soul of Sam Adams as the official research and development brewery. Today, we’re brewing up fresh new recipes, pushing the boundaries of beer, and continuing to revolutionize what it means to brew craft beer. Every sip of Sam Adams has decades of history, love and passion behind it, and our mission at the brewery is to share that passion with you.

Wondering which experience is the best for your trip to the brewery? Let’s take a deep dive into each experience to check out what they offer:

Sam Signature: The one that started it all! Learn about the brewing process and our Research and Development program for Samuel Adams innovation. Tour our brewhouse and enjoy some delicious samples in our tasting room.

  • Brewhouse tour

  • Guided beer appraisal

  • Seasonal style sample

  • Boston Lager sample

  • R&D style sample

Beyond the Brewhouse: Looking to dive deeper into our company's rich history and brewing processes? Join us on this excursion as one of our guides leads you through all of our brewing spaces including our Brewhouse, Bier Keller and Sour Barrel aging facilities, all while you enjoy three samples of fresh beer.

  • Brewhouse tour

  • Sour aging barrel room tour

  • Bier Keller tour

  • Boston Lager Sample

  • Sour style sample

  • Barrel-aged style sample

Keller Crafted – Artisan Beer & Cheese Experience: We’re heading underground to our Bier Keller to taste some of our rarest styles. Paired with locally-sourced cheeses, these small-batch beers age in barrels from distilleries and wineries around the world, but seldom leave this space. Dive into the history, science, and creative process of barrel aging and food pairing on this exclusive experience.

  • Bier Keller tour

  • 3 specialty barre-aged style samples

  • 2 specialty cheese pairing samples

VIP Pass Experience: Ever wondered how a beer makes it from the experimental stage to being a bona fide Sam Adams beer? Join us on the VIP Pass Experience to find out! Tour our most exclusive research and development spaces, including our Nano Brewery where you'll sample a never-before-seen experimental beer, and our canning line where you'll leave with an R&D can!

  • Nano brewery tour

  • Back of house brewery tour

  • R&D beer appraisal

  • Canning line tour

  • Can of R&D beer

 Seasonal Guided Tastings: A cornerstone of the Sam Adams brand, our seasonal brews are always fan favorites! Throughout the year, we offer guided tastings that feature our seasonal beer alongside specialty R&D brews, and perfectly paired with small bites for a deliciously rounded tasting experience.

  • Brewhouse tour

  • Seasonal style sample

  • 2 R&D style samples

  • Specialty food pairing


Q: How long are the tours?

A: Most tours last around 45 minutes. The only tours that differ are the VIP Pass Experience, which offers 30 minutes of behind-the-scenes experiences, and private tours, which can last around an hour.


Q: Can people under 21 join?

A: Only on the Sam Signature Experience


Q: What’s your cancellation refund policy?

A: If you booked a ticket and can’t make your reservation, just send an email to tourrequests@bostonbeer.com at least an hour before the tour to let us know. We reschedule your booking, or cancel your reservation and provide a full refund!


Q: How soon in advance can I book?

A: The schedule for availability can be found under each tour on our booking page here: https://samadamsbostonbrewery.com/experiences. Our public tour schedule updates on a monthly basis, and typically becomes available the week before the new month starts. Private tours can be scheduled up to 2 months in advance, and are booked on request.


Q: What’s the difference between public and private tours?

A:  Public tours are ticketed experiences that are regularly-scheduled every day. We offer four unique experiences year-round, plus specialty seasonal and holiday events throughout the year. Public tour tickets can be booked in advance or purchased at the front desk of the tour center.

Private tours are booked directly with our tour coordinators and tailored to fit your group’s special requests! The private tour allows you group to enjoy your very own Sam Signature tour, followed by a variety of specialty add-ons that you can choose for your group for an even more memorable experience!


Q: Is there a minimum size required for a private tour request?

A: Nope! Only a max of 50


Q: Are all the tours in English?

A: Currently, we only offer tours in English, but stay tuned for updates! We’re working on translated tours in order to give every Sam Adams guest a memorable experience.


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