July 06, 2023Boston Brewery Team


02130 Series Pays Tribute to Sam Adams’ Home Neighborhood

In 1986, a few years after Jim Koch first brewed Boston Lager in his kitchen here in Boston, he set out looking for a space for his first production brewery. In his search he came across the abandoned Haffenreffer Brewery in Jamaica Plain, a small neighborhood of Boston, which would become the home of Samuel Adams and the birthplace of craft beer in America. 

Today we continue brewing in Jamaica Plain, releasing brewery-exclusive beers, offering world class brewery tour experiences, and throwing parties. Over the years, we’ve seen engagements, officiated weddings, thrown birthday parties, hosted small business pop-ups and community meetings. We’ve come to call this neighborhood, JP, home. 

This love for JP led to the creation of our 02130 Series, a set of beers that take inspiration from our favorite spots around the brewery. 


Jamaicaway IPA  

7.2% - On draft now and in 16oz cans 

A love letter to Jamaica Plain, Jamaicaway IPA, our House IPA, showcases our heritage and penchant for innovation. We’ve dry-hopped our IPA with three unique hops and added a touch of rye and lactose for a smooth, subtly spicy finish. Intense red fruit, melon and tropical aromas make this signature IPA complex but accessible. 

Jamaicaway IPA gets its name from a narrow and windy road that runs through our neighborhood, parallel to the Emerald Necklace. Along it and about a mile from the brewery is Jamaica Pond, where we drew inspiration for the label, highlighting the tiny island of willow trees in the middle. An ideal spot for picnics, strolling, and people-watching, the Pond is one of many gems in JP.  


Arborway DIPA  

Arborway kicks our love of JP up a notch in the form of a super hopped-up beer that’s shockingly easy drinking. Like the first spring stroll along Arborway in full bloom, Arborway DIPA bursts with vibrancy. This Double IPA is dry-hopped with four pounds of three different hop varieties per barrel to create a pronounced tropical fruit character and dry, slightly bitter finish. Arborway DIPA is a beautifully balanced beer brewed in honor of the scenic route. 

Like Jamaicaway, Arborway crosses paths with a signature JP park: The Arnold Arboretum. The Arboretum is home to trails, a bonsai garden, and an array of flora and fauna. Strolling through you’ll find children learning to ride bikes, dogs out for walks, and friends picnicking throughout the park. The artwork for the Arborway label is drawn from a specific view atop Peters Hill in the Arboretum that looks out at the Boston skyline. Arborway is a big beer to capture a big view. 


Stony Brook Session IPA  

4.7% - Releasing on draft and in 16oz cans

Our little pocket of Jamaica Plain has such a rich brewing history in large part thanks to the Stony Brook Aquifer that used to run through the area. In the early 1900s, there were over 20 breweries in Jamaica Plain and Roxbury in large part thanks to this water source and the relatively low cost of land in the area at that time. The Haffenreffer Brewery, which we inhabit now, was one of those many breweries that used Stony Brook water for brewing its beers. Today Stony Brook is recognized by the train station just a few blocks away from us. 

Stony Brook Session IPA pays tribute to this history as a refreshing, lightly hopped beer with a burst of citrus aroma and slight hop bite. Instead of following the hazy trends, this IPA follows classic recipes. Stony Brook Session IPA is a bright, clean, easy-drinking beer created with the legacy of JP brewing in mind. 


Pinebank Pale Ale  

5.5% - Releasing on draft and in 16oz cans on 7/13 

Like some of our brewers themselves, this hoppy style originates from the West Coast while finding itself in Jamaica Plain. Pinebank Pale Ale, named for the Pinebank Promontory at Jamaica Pond, is a West Coast-style pale ale that teems with piney, resinous notes and refreshing grapefruit juiciness from classic American hops. Inspired by folks from all over, Pinebank Pale Ale calls JP home.



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